Dating supervisor work

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Some individuals take constructive criticism too personally, reacting more with emotion than logic and allowing what others have said to hurt their self-esteem.These people generally miss the fact that whatever was said was meant with good intent.This might happen because self-esteem is overly high, or it might happen because the individuals being criticized are trying to protect themselves against feeling bad.Another reason is that the recipient doesn't respect the speaker.

Lastly, making an effort to use questions can help, as it gives the person being assessed a chance to respond, promoting solid two-way communication.

When an individual gets overly detailed and too assertive in the critique, the person being evaluated might feel overwhelmed and become defensive.

The same thing can happen if the message is too loaded with emotion.

Unlike general criticism that is negative, a constructive analysis, as the title implies, builds someone up.

It identifies at least one problem and gets a person to think about what caused the issue.

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